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Did you know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US?  Many thieves these days have come to rely on the internet, telephones and even your trash as a means of stealing your identity and your money. 

That’s why we’re proud to introduce smsGuardian, a new service available to our customers.*  This service is tied to your Killbuck Savings Bank Debit Card, and provides text alerts to you, triggered by situations in which your card was used.  This service is offered to our debit card customers at no cost. 

Features of smsGuardian

You can receive text messages when your Debit Card:

  • Is used to make purchases greater than $400
  • Is used out of state
  • International transactions
  • Is used at a gas station
  • Is used but not swiped (online purchases)
  • If used more than 6 times in a 24 hour period
  • Declined transactions

Please Note:  There may be times when you will receive an alert when the transaction amount may not be the final amount.  This occurs when the merchant estimates the authorization amount and does not know the final transaction amount when the transaction begins.  For example, an estimated authorization is appropriate when a cardholder checks into a hotel, rents a car, or books a cruise.  Cardholders will see the addition of (est amt) following the amount for these types of transactions.  Transactions not identified by the merchant as an estimated amount will continue to generate the same alerts as before. 

If a transaction is legitimate, you can simply ignore the message.  If the transaction is fraudulent, you can reply to the smsGuardian text with the code that you received and your Debit Card will be blocked from further use.

Signing up for smsGuardian

How do you enroll for smsGuardian protection?  Simply “Click Here to Enroll”.  When you provide the necessary information and authorize us to activate the service, we will activate smsGuardian.  Enrollment lasts for one year –
at the end of one year you will receive texts to re-enroll.

You may discontinue the receipt of Alerts immediately by texting the word STOP in reply to a Guardian Alert.

*Message and data rates apply.


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