KSB Easy Pay

Simply open the digital wallet app on your phone and follow the instructions to load your card(s). 
(Please note:  the graphic that appears on your KSB Debit card may not appear on the card once you load it in your phone.  The only graphic it will show is the “global” scene.)

As you load the card you will be prompted to check the account number, the expiration date and the CVV number that appears on the back of the card.  Once all has been loaded properly you are ready to use!

For security purposes, you will note that when you now view the card on the phone screen you will only see the last 4 digits of your card.  Another security measure has been added as well; your actual card number is NEVER shared with the merchant and is NOT stored on your phone.  Each time you make a purchase a unique digital account number is assigned. 

If you need to delete the card from your digital wallet simply follow the instructions per your phone.  You will still be able to use your card as before by physically swiping it at the checkout, etc. 

If your phone is lost or stolen, please contact our offices as soon as possible or after regular business hours call 1-866-546-8273 or if you are a Netteller customer you can report your card lost/stolen under the options tab in Netteller.
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