Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay allows you to pay anyone across the United States - from your next door neighbor to the local utility company, or your national credit card company (excluding US government agencies). With Online Bill Pay you will never have to pick up a pen to pay a bill and there is no charge for this service.

  • The money will be sent to the recipients via check or electronic payment.
    • When a payment is sent electronically the funds will be withdrawn from your account the day the payment is sent, but allow three business days for the payment to reach the payee.
    • When a payment is sent in check form allow five to seven business days for receipt of payment, and the funds will be withdrawn from your account the day the check clears.
  • You are only limited on the amount you can pay by your account balance.
  • Only check payments can have a stop payment placed against them, after the check is printed and mailed.

All Online Bill Pay payments are subject to an NSF (Insufficient Fund) charge of $33.00.
All stop payments online or in-person cost $10.00.
Copies of cancelled checks are $2.00 each.

For optimum security, please use the most up to date browser available.  See chart below:

Web Browser Operating System
Internet Explorer version 11 Windows 7 and above
MS Edge - All versions Windows 10
Firefox version 31 and above Windows XP and above
Safari version 6 and above Mac OS
Google Chrome version42 and above WIndows Vista/7, Mac OSX
Mobile Browser Operating System
Native Android Browser (LG G3) Android v4.4.2+
Chrome v39+ Android v4.4.2+
FireFox Mobile v8+ Android
Safari iOS v8+ (iPhone/iPad)
Safari iOS v5.0.1
Safari iOSv2.2


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