Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse can be difficult to identify. There are many indicators, taken in isolation that may not appear suspicious. However, when coupled with other behaviors or activities, these indicators may suggest the Elder needs help or protection.

If you suspect Elder Abuse, it’s important to report it immediately, given the possibility of serious harm to the victim's assets that could happen. Even if you’re unsure about whether such abuse is actually taking place, reporting your suspicions is an important first step.

Know the Signs of Elder Abuse

  • Sudden changes in bank accounts balances or banking practices
  • Sudden Non-Sufficient Fund activity
  • Bills left unpaid despite the availability of adequate financial resources
  • Debit transactions that are inconsistent for the Elder
  • Closing of CDs or accounts without regard to penalties
  • Elder is reluctant to talk to you about matters he or she usually discusses
  • Elder seems nervous, anxious, or fidgety
  • Elder is negative and avoids eye contact
  • Elder shows an unusual degree of fear or submissiveness toward a caregiver or expresses a fear of eviction or nursing home placement if money is not given to a caretaker. 


  • Review Bank and Credit Card Statements often.
  • Choose to receive texts or emails from The Killbuck Savings Bank when certain activities happen on your accounts.
  • Set up direct deposit for checks so others don’t have to cash them.
  • Add a trusted individual to your bank accounts as “read only.” This person can help monitor account activity, but does NOT have authorization to transfer or withdrawal funds.
  • Never give out personal information over the phone or via email. Instead, hang up. If it’s a business that you do business with, look up the phone number from your own records and call them and report it.
  • Check your credit reports regularly and consider placing a freeze on your credit history, if you don’t plan to take out any loans or lines of credit in the near future.
  • Use a cross-cut shredder to destroy paper statements or other records you no longer need.

Actions to Take if You Suspect You or Someone You Know is a Victim

  • Report the suspected Elder Financial Abuse to your local Law Enforcement.
  • Report the suspected Elder Financial Abuse to your local County Job & Family Services.
  • Report the suspected Elder Financial Abuse to your local Bank representative.


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