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Secondary Customer


If this is a joint application and you wish to have one or more individual accounts linked to NetTeller, please state that in this section. Otherwise, only the joint accounts will be linked. If you would like additional accounts listed or any accounts omitted please disclose that below or contact our bookkeeping department by phone at (330) 276-4881.


To receive e-statements and e-notices you must complete the online banking application.

Apply for Online Bill Pay

I understand that all online bill pay NSF (Insufficient Fund) checks and stop payments are subject to a $33.00 Charge from The Killbuck Savings Bank. Copies of cancelled checks are $2.00 each. The bill pay service is free. Bill Pay Account #: _______________________ Note: Only checking / DDA accounts qualify for Bill Pay. Savings accounts are excluded.

Note: Only checking / DDA accounts qualify for Bill Pay. Savings accounts are excluded.

By signing this application, customer(s) acknowledges receipt of the Federal Electronic Transfer Act Disclosure*. As Internet Banking Services expand, this regulation will govern your protective rights. Customer(s) acknowledges they have been informed there are Federal Regulations** which limit transfers from Savings or Money Management Savings to six per month when initiated by telephone, electronic, or other pre-authorized means.

Customer(s) agrees that account security is controlled by the NetTeller ID assigned by the bank, and the Personal Password chosen and entered by the customer(s). The customer(s) will protect the password and hold the bank harmless from any unauthorized use. Any information downloaded by the customer(s) becomes the property and responsibility of the customer(s). For security concerns, the customer(s) acknowledges that they must use their NetTeller access at least one every ninety (90) days.

*You received 'Reg E' when you opened your account. Please call The Killbuck Savings Bank Co. at (330) 276-4881, if you would like another copy.

**You received 'Reg DD' when you opened your account. Please call The Killbuck Savings Bank Co. at (330)276-4881, if you would like another copy.

The Killbuck Savings Bank Co. wants you to know that we will never request any personal private information from you via the internet or email. If you receive such a request in an email, notify The Killbuck Savings Bank immediately at (330)276-4881.

E-Statements Terms:

  1. Customer must have a working connection to the internet with email, and the capability of opening a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or above).
  2. Once a customer signs up for E-Statements, their statements will remain on line for 6 months.
  3. Customer agrees to keep the Bank informed of their email address.
  4. Customer will be notified by email that their statement is available for viewing. If the email notification fails delivery, the customer will be contacted and the current statement, as well as future statements will be mailed to the address on our records until a valid email address is obtained.
  5. Customer may withdraw consent for E-Statements at any time. Upon withdrawal, the customer will receive paper statements.
  6. Upon termination of E-Statements, a new application will be required to reinstate the service.
  7. This agreement supplements any other agreements or disclosures related to accounts(s), including the deposit agreement.

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