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Money Orders

Money orders are a payment order for a pre-specified amount of money. They are a more trusted method of payment than a personal check, because it is required the funds be pre-paid for the face value. Merchants may welcome the extra security of a money order instead of a personal check. You can purchase money orders for values up to $500.00.

Fee: $5.00 (For our customers aged 60 or over this fee is waived.)

Cashier's Checks

A cashier's check is signed by an authorized official of the bank, guaranteed by the bank, and usually treated as cash because most banks clear them instantly.

Fee: $7.00 (For our customers aged 60 or over this fee is waived.)

MasterCard Debit Cards 

Do you want the convenience to make purchases, but you do not want to carry your check book every where you go? With our MasterCard Debit card, we have put our most popular services in the palm of your hand. This card gives you convenient 24 hour banking worldwide without ever writing a check.  Click here to view the 4 styles of cards to select from.

  • Daily limit of $400.00 cash and $1,000.00 daily total, these limits may be changed upon approval from the bank.
  • Purchase groceries, gas, or anything desired wherever MasterCard is accepted worldwide.
For your convenience call 1-844-861-5161 to change your PIN.

The potential for Debit Card Fraud continues to grow.  As your financial parnter, The Killbuck Savings Bank has put tools in place to combat possible fraud.  Our systems will attempt to verify suspected fraudulent activity by attempting to contacting you by 1) email, 2) text and 3) by telephone when potential fraud is noticed on your Debit Card. Upo receipt of this alert you will be prompted to reply "Authorized or Not Authorized" in regard to the questioned transaction(s).  At no time, will you be asked to supply a PIN or password. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are traveling out of Ohio, please notify us before you go so that we can make a note on your Debit Card account to protect you against possible fraud.


ATM Cards

Would you like the bank to be there for you, 24 hours a day? Apply for a Killbuck Savings Bank ATM Card and make deposits, transfer funds, check account balances, or withdraw cash worldwide.  Click here to select from the 4 styles available.

  • Daily cash withdrawal limit of $400.00, which can be increased upon approval from the bank.

Please notify us immediately if your MasterCard Debit Card or ATM card is lost or stolen. After our regular business hours, please call 1-866-546-8273 or if you are a Netteller Online banking customer you can report your card lost/stolen under the options tab.

Bank by Mail

Don't have time to stop by the bank? Banking by mail is another convenient option available. Drop your deposit, loan payment, certain utility payments, or any other banking document in a secure mailbox. We do not recommend that you send cash transactions through the mail.

Direct Deposit

Would you like your income to be available immediately? Sign up for a direct deposit account today. Having your payroll, social security payment, or pension checks directly deposited into your banking account is convenient and SAFE! (Other items may also be eligible.)

Night Depository

Using the Night Depository is a convenient facility provided for customers who wish to make deposits after business hours. This service is available at all of our branch locations except the Loan Annex.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Protect irreplaceable items and documents.  We offer a variety of sizes available for rent at the following offices:  Apple Valley, Berlin, Danville, Fredericksburg, Killbuck, Millersburg North, Millersburg South, Sugarcreek and Mt. Hope.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Exchange foreign currency at competitive rates before departure or upon returning from abroad.
Eliminate the need to locate an unfamiliar exchange facility

  • Receive a fair exchange rate.
  • Use cash to avoid card-related international service fees on smaller purchases.
  • Provide assistance with questions about your destination's accepted currency.
  • A $3.00 fee will apply, plus our cost.

Canadian Checks Deposited
Canadian checks deposited will be assessed a $5 fee per item.


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