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Additional Services

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At Killbuck Savings Bank, we offer a complete line-up of deposit accounts and lending options. But that's just the beginning. Our customers also benefit from other services that provide payment options, add convenience, save time and enhance security.

Mastercard Debit/ATM Cards

Debit cards come with a long list of convenient features. They can be used for shopping online or at retail locations. They provide fast access to accounts through ATMs. And, because funds are withdrawn directly from your bank account, there are no interest charges associated with transactions.
  • No need to carry cash or checks
  • 24/7 account access
  • Accepted at any business that displays Mastercard logo
  • Four card designs to choose from
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit of $400
  • Debit card daily spending limit of $1,000
  • Account access protected by Personal Identifications Numbers (PINs) and other security measures
  • Please notify one of our branches immediately if your Mastercard debit/ATM card is lost or stolen. After regular business hours, please call 1-866-546-8273.

MyCardRules™  Debit Card Protection

With MyCardRules™, your finances are more protected than ever. Easy-to-use settings let you decide when, where and how your debit card is used. You can get a notification every time your card is used,  turn your card on or off when necessary,  limit purchase amounts, and much more.
  • Enroll and manage MyCardRules™ from the KSB mobile banking app
  • Protect yourself from fraud and unauthorized expenditures by instantly turning off a card that's been lost or stolen
  • Deny transactions that exceed a spending limit that you've set
  • Get a notification each time the card is used - or limit notifications to specific card activity
  • Decline or restrict in-store transactions based on your settings

Money Orders

Money orders are a widely accepted payment for a specified amount of money. They are also used in instances where a person or business won't accept a personal check.
  • Available for up to $500
  • There is a $5 fee per each money order
  • Fee is waived for customers age 50 and over

Cashier's Checks

Cashier's checks are often used for large purchases - such as a car or house down payment - that can't be made with a debit or credit card. Because they're signed by a bank official and guaranteed by the bank, they're a trusted and widely accepted form of payment.
  • Cashier's checks available for $7 fee
  • No cost for customers age 50 and over

Direct Deposit

There's no need to make a special trip to the bank and stand in line to deposit your paycheck. With Direct Deposit, your employer transmits funds to your account electronically.
  • See your employer's human resources or payroll department for forms authorizing direct deposit
  • Funds become available more quickly
  • Social Security benefits and pension payments are also eligible
  • Security safeguards protect your personal information and financial data

Bank by Mail

Some days you just don't have time for a trip to the bank. When that's the case, just drop your deposit, loan payment, certain utility payments, or any other banking document in a secure mailbox.
  • Address your envelope to P.O. Box 407, Killbuck, OH 44637
  • We DO NOT recommend sending cash transactions through the mail

Night Depository

We understand that it isn't always possible to get to the bank during regular business hours. We offer safe, convenient facilities for after-hours cash and check deposits.
  • Service is available at all branch locations except the Loan Annex

Safety Deposit Boxes

Certain items deserve more security than you can provide in your home. We offer safety deposit boxes of various sizes for reasonable annual fees.
  • Protect valuable jewelry and family heirlooms
  • Safeguard important papers such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, property deeds, stock and bond certificates, and insurance documents
  • Boxes available at these bank offices: Apple Valley, Berlin, Danville, Fredericksburg, Killbuck, Millersburg North, Millersburg South, Sugarcreek and Mt. Hope

Foreign Currency Exchange

Headed out of the country on a business or pleasure trip? It's more convenient to arrive at your destination with the proper currency in hand. You can also cash in your international currency after returning from abroad.
  • Receive a fair exchange rate
  • Use cash to avoid card-related international service fees on smaller purchases
  • Receive assistance with any questions about your destination's accepted currency
  • Canadian checks deposited will be assessed a $5 fee per item
  • Foreign currency orders greater than $300.00 will incur a $13.00 fee
  • Foreign currency orders $300.00 or less will incur a $23.00 fee

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